Bring it on.


I look forward to this every year starting in about November. It's like the best thing since The Backstreet Boys (..oh don't pretend you didn't jam out to that).

I think I was made for this time of year. I never noticed I wasn't made for other times of the year until I moved to Utah...where there actually are 4 seasons- who knew?

My favorite thing to do now when I get home is sit on the couch with the windows open, browse pinterest online, feel the warm sun streaming through my new curtains, listen to the birds chirp outside, and smell the delicious smells coming from my neighbors barbecuing up something summery and wonderful.
All that's missing is a lemonade and some watermelon, an easy fix.

But seriously, summer has THE best smells and sounds. Some people are all about the smells of Christmas or Thanksgiving, (which I think is winter's only saving grace) but to me the best smells happen from May to August:

salt water
the after smell of fireworks

In the words of Deb Talon, "I was made for sunny days."

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