Shower me.

Baby shower #2: check, check!

Not that having a baby shower is like a "task" that needs to be checked off...but it is sort of nice to be done with both of them, so now I can figure out what I still need to buy for the rambunctious lady in my belly (seriously, did you NEED to wake me up at 3am this morning so I could be there for your tap dance performance on my spleen?)

It was good times. I was super excited to set up the table after I saw this cute picture from the blog Hostess with the Mostess.
It was the inspiration for the country style brunch theme. I actually liked the way mine turned out better than the inspiration picture. Although, it would've been awesome if I could have found those old school small glass milk cartons with striped paper straws to serve the drinks in.

I should have taken a better picture close up..oh well..but the table runners were burlap fabric with a pink paisley patterned fabric on top. All the food was mini or finger food style.

My absolute favorite part of the table were the mini chalkboards to label the food!!! Soooo cute! One thing most people know about me is I'm OBSESSED with all things miniature sized. AH! I love the "travel size" isle in Wal-mart. I die from small cuteness.

On the menu: fruit skewers, blueberry pancake skewers with syrup, mini quiche, fruit and yogurt parfaits, apple pecan cinnamon roll cupcakes, and muffins.

For the thank you favors there were little jars of homemade strawberry jam:

Overall it was a success! My bff Shanti is AMAZING for being able to host it for me, considering her life goes 90 mph. Thanks Shanti--you da best! Aaannd thank you to the people who came and bought baby J adorable things!

And let's end with fatty shot of me. :-) 33 weeks.

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