Why I'm going to be an unfit parent.

Things die when I'm solely in charge of taking care of them. I think this is why I don't own a house plant. I got a plant to put in my class this year and it's already half dead. I have bamboo stem in my house (that you think would be pretty easy to take care of, right? Just water?) and they're starting to dry out...and the pinnacle of all pinnacles, the class pet died today. Yes, died. That sucker was deader than dead and to make it better, it was Monday- so who knows at what point during the weekend it actually died. So here's how I find this out today: while one of my students is sharpening their pencils I hear, "Why does the frog have his mouth open under water?" Oh crap. Thought 1: move the child away from the area drawing the least amount of attention to yourself. Check. Thought 2: move the frog away from a high traffic area and distract students with something else. Check. Thought 3: get the frog the freak outta the classroom. Check. Thought 4: don't tell them what happened. Thought 5: Crap...where am I supposed to find an identical frog?!

So towards the end of the day one of them actually asked what happened to the frog. I told him it went on a field trip to another class. What am I going to say tomorrow, because I didn't have time to swing by the pet store today? Haven't quite figured that one out. So if you happen to be reading this and have any connection to my class- DON'T tell them the frog died!! AH! Some of them might seriously cry and call me the devil. Which, I can deal with on two separate occasions, but not simultaneously.

ANYWAY, on to happier and livelier things- today is our 2 YEAR anniversary! Go us! I can't believe it's been two years already....at this time two years ago we were at our reception where it happened to be SNOWING outside (yes, snow in October). And the next day we flew out to St. Thomas for our honeymoon where little did we know a hurricane would be joining us :-) Good memories. I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!! Since fall break is this week we're going to go up to park city for the long weekend to celebrate. It should be really pretty (unless we get a freak snow storm again) and the leaves should be beautiful!


  1. Gorgeous pictures!

    Don't worry, I can't keep plants alive either. I don't think that's related to be a good mom... I hope...

  2. So I'm wondering how in the heck Spooky has stayed alive all these years? That should make up for your swath of death you brought over your class ;)

    Happy anniversary too! We freakin' love you guys :)


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