The simple things, hail, and the devil

The highlights of my spring break:

Beach after pedicure

Goofy little brother...

Adorable sister <3>

It really was just what I needed: warmth, good food, and relaxation!

Then I get back to Utah, and it's cloudy, windy, and HAILING. Hail is one of the scariest things ever...and it's even scarier when you're driving in it, which I was today. And it finally clicked, THESE ARE LITTLE BALLS OF ICE FALLING OUT OF THE SKY.....BALLS OF ICE. THAT IS FREAKY.

Before that near death experience, I went to sculpting+Zumba (took everything I had to go), and there's this girl sitting on a chair in the back just watching, eating a Fun Dip. You know those little packets of sugar that you dip a sugar stick in? Why would anyone ever do that...in a gym class??? She was the devil. I'm convinced.

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