Spring hasn't sprung, but I'll still take the break.

S P R I N G B R E A K!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank YOU. It's been super cold the past two days...I had to scrape ice off my window this morning and yesterday (gross), but it's supposedly "spring". I'll still take the break from snotty noses, homework excuses, gossipy teachers, and the endless list of concepts to review before CRT's starting in 2 weeks (CRT=end of year test). I feel very productive so far...got caught up on laundry, and dishes, watched the Friday usuals on Hulu (Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Community, and Flash Forward, respectively), now sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing. And loving it.

Going to Florida on Tuesday! Here's what I MUST do while I'm there: beach (given..), eat at Harry's, see all my family, get some Publix sushi, take a picture with my cat I've had since kindergarten before she dies (haha, but it's true she's like borderline already there...like 17 years old, that's got to be some kind of record). CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! (to go to Fl...not for my cat to finally croak....)

Good times had in St. Augustine...YES! SO EXCITED!!!!

St. Augustine Beach with some of my FAV people in the world!!! (I think this was some time in 2006...)

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