Oh stop it.

So for the most part PDA is acceptable according to me, so long as its in moderation and not super gross (how else would they get those scenes in romantic comedies where the dumpee is walking through a park and EVERYONE around is all cute and in love making said dumpee feel like cow manure?). But even then, there are certain places where it IS super gross. Case in point- the gym, where everyone is
ALREADY sweaty.

I'm at the gym today waiting to go in for Zumba, and there's this couple standing outside the studio ALL OVER EACH OTHER...like...is he really about to go off to war and you're parting ways and expressing your undying love for each other right here and now AT THE GYM!? Chances are, not likely..so cut it out! It would be a little more aesthetically pleasing if they were like a cute newly wed couple or something, but not even! Pushing mid 30's (not that there's anything wrong with mid 30 yr olds...it's just rare you see a married couple participating in such youthful activities in public, ya know?)

Basically, just don't suck face/play hide and go seek with your hands at the gym. YOU'RE NASTY. Kthanxbye.

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  1. Sounds gross to me. Your comic grosses me out too. Is that really hair as the background? Sick. Also, it reminds me of a time I went in the locker room in one of my local gyms and there was a fat old lady shaving her legs in the locker room's community hot tub. Seriously? C'mon!


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