A little...paranoid...

Sooo last night James and I watched 2012. Talk about freaky! I got to thinking though, and I realized I have a few irrational fears...things that probably won't ever happen to me, but seriously make me paranoid anyway..

  1. Someone will break into my house while I'm sleeping.
  2. Tornadoes.
  3. Earthquakes
  4. That my house will flood from either the dishwasher or washer machine
  5. A spider hiding in the toilet will bite me whilst I'm upon it
...I'm only slightly insane...


  1. You are not crazy!! I have a fear of someone breaking in while I'm asleep AND while I’m awake! I don’t even answer the door if it’s some random person that I don’t know. I keep the door locked all the time while I’m home alone. I think that all women everywhere worry about that…? I think that I’ve watched, “I survived” too many times…heheh. But it totally happens to people, and randomly too!

    Whit, I have even gone as far as putting up alarms that I set every night. Luke has a gun by his side of the bed (safe away from the babe of course) and I have wasp spray on my side of the bed. It’s better and meaner than mace!

    Does this make me even more "insane" than you?

    I’ve even thought about spiders biting my bum whilst on the toilet too. But, only every once and a while do I think about that…

  2. you're not insane. i worry about bugs in the toilet too. glad i'm not the only one! :)


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