A hodgepodge...

I'm so ready to be done redecorating practically everything...my classroom...kitchen...living room...BLAH! I took on WAY too many projects this summer I think. But, for the most part it keeps me busy. That and I started reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Crazy good. Some people have read it and think it's crazy demented, but I think it's crazy good. It's sort of a demented concept, but she's a really, really good writer. It's basically about a country formed after North America all falls apart (no that could never happen with how great things are, right? ;-) and this country has a yearly televised event called the hunger games, where one boy and one girl from each district in the country is put in this giant arena and it's like a fight to the death and there's one person left type scenario. Yeah I guess that sounds demented...but anyway...if you're looking for a page turner, pick it up.

On another note, I hate painting. Painting a room is WAY more complicated than it sounds. Especially if the walls are in horrible condition (i.e., my new classroom). So first I had to spackle in all the holes (some of which were HUGE). I probably spackled almost 300 holes. Shoot me. Then you have to sand down the spackle. Next you have to tape off EVERYTHING...around the ceiling, baseboards, windows, cabinets, etc. THEN paint like a two inch border around the ceiling and baseboards because the roller can't get that close to the top and bottom of the wall, and FINALLY start painting (two coats by the way). My shoulders hate me right now and I'm pretty sure I've developed carpel tunnel in both my wrists.

I don't have anything else to complain about....except all the "Back to School" stuff is already out...why??? I guess it's coming faster than I thought. But on the bright side, I have one last summer trip planned :-) I'm meeting up with my family (who's driving up from FL) to Nauvoo, IL to hang out there for a few days, then driving back with them to FL and staying for 4 more days, then coming back home. So hopefully after this trip I'll feel like I've had enough of summer and want to be a productive, working member of society again.

Speaking of Nauvoo, my sister took some pictures there last year and edited them. She's pretty talented.......

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