Oops I did it again

I went to Yoga! (Again). ((Especially after my little three week vacation from the gym and anything remotely nutritious, I'm back to two a days at the gym for a while (I don't mind though, I'm completely weird and love working out!)). I know, I know, I was pretty skeptical after my first session...but now, even MORE so! haha. First, I completely admire the people who do yoga, because again let me say how frickin' HARD some of that stuff is. So for fitness, I think it's completely great and worthwhile, but for "inner peace" or whatever the other reasons are, I don't buy it.

Maybe it's one of those things that goes hand in hand, but let me just share some phrases said by the instructor today. At one point, I literally let out a little giggle (I think I offended the Ora in the room).
  • "Appreciate your inner goodness and remember that everyone is intrinsically good"
  • "Feel the energy from the others and from the room flowing into your body, releasing any weakness or negativity from your thoughts"
  • "The love in my body honors the love in your body" .......what is THAT supposed to mean?
  • " Choose a word to affirm your positive thoughts. Other thoughts will come, but sweep them aside and focus on your word and how it makes you feel" My word was skinny. Haha. I think I was off track when she continued to say..."It may be something like peace, love, hope, faith"....oh....that's what she meant....in that case, I HOPE to be skinny!
Good times in yoga class. It's humorous anyway. I probably wont' be able to move tomorrow, which is why I still feel justified making fun of it today.

OH. Also, the instructor walks around and asks if you need any help in any poses. Well, I only needed help getting OUT of some of them, but I'm not sure if that's what she was offering...

Ooo..I also watched The Bachelorette (Hi my name is Whitney and I'm addicted to trashy reality TV shows) and the whole Jake/Vienna scandal. ALL I have to say about that, is he should've picked Tenley in the first place so NAH.

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