jillian's mermaid room

I was a thousand months pregnant when we moved into our house. 
Okay, well it felt like it. (In reality it was almost 8 months). However enormous I was feeling, Jillian's room was already lavender and I didn't have it in me to paint her room in addition to Olivia's. Reasonable, logical me (...is there even such a version of me?) would have just waited until after I had Charlotte and things settled down to worry about Jillian's room, but very pregnant, slightly neurotic me wanted both of the girls rooms to be finished before I had her. I think I just wanted something to be settled. 
That was a really long explanation for- her room was lavender when we moved in, and even though it wasn't my first choice we decided to keep it that way and just go with it.

But I really love how it came together!
 I found her cute mermaid bedding at Target, along with the rug and some of the wall decor. I should really own stock in Target at this point.
Jillian looooooves arts and crafts. She could sit at the table for literally hours with paper, scissors, and glue. The hanging wire used to hang her artwork is from Ikea. It's not uncommon for me to also walk in and find things pinned up like dresses, socks, or food wrappers...
You do you, Jillian.

 The cubicle organizer is also from Ikea and something we had in our previous house, because they're so darn functional! The baskets and purple pom curtains are also from Target.

See that brown-headed American girl doll? That one was actually mine when I was little! I love that they've made a come back. My mom, in all her wisdom, decided to hang on to it along with many of the accessories I had. Apparently you can get a pretty penny on eBay for the originals, but at the end of the day nostalgia won.

We have a book hoarding problem at our house. #elementaryteacherprobz 
I can refuse to buy toys all day long, but show me a cute picture book and I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Oh and it also won a Caldecott? I wonder what else this author wrote...oooohhh look! -Me. Every time.

I try to only keep out about 1/3 of our collection between the girls two rooms at any given time, otherwise it just gets too messy with all of them. 

These wall bookshelves were here when we moved in and they've been so great!

Now that it's finished, I actually don't mind the lavender at all! And more importantly, Jillian loves it!

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