Thank a teacher.

This week is teacher appreciation week at our school. I woke up to this in my yard:

Put at smile on my face in the morning. But then I got home and James thought I had put the sign up myself...then I felt really dumb about it.

Teaching is no walk in the park. And no, not everyone can do it. I'd venture to say most people can't, actually. I read this kick-a article about teaching. Serious, check it out. To borrow a line, or nine:

Teaching isn’t just “making it fun” for the kids. Teaching isn’t just academic content.
Teaching is understanding how the human brain processes information and preparing lessons with this understanding in mind.
Teaching is simultaneously instilling in a child the belief that she can accomplish anything she wants while admonishing her for producing shoddy work.
Teaching is understanding both the psychology and the physiology behind the changes the adolescent mind goes through.
Teaching is convincing a defiant teenager that the work he sees no value in does serve a greater purpose in preparing him for the rest of his life.
Teaching is offering a sympathetic ear while maintaining a stern voice.
Teaching is being both a role model and a mentor to someone who may have neither at home, and may not be looking for either.
Teaching is not easy. Teaching is not intuitive. Teaching is not something that anyone can figure out on their own. Education researchers spend lifetimes developing effective new teaching methods. Teaching takes hard work and constant training.

I could add much more to this, but you get the idea. Thank a teacher this week, because chances are more than one of your teachers lost more than one night of sleep over the well-being of YOU.

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