Meeting Bentlee

Last week Michaela, Jillian, and I paid a little visit to Kristen and Baby Bentlee!

Bentlee is no less than adorable! It's strange holding a newborn after carting around my 20 lb sack of flour. Major difference. She's so helpless and cuddly! I had to get a good cuddle in (since Jillian is SO not in to that anymore). I can see how people start to miss newborns...she was just so...new. 

Kristen is such a natural. I was so awkward holding Jillian as a baby. It was like I was trying to hold a slippery wet noodle that would break if I turned it the wrong way. Kristen actually looked like she was holding a baby. Sigh...how is Jillian still alive? Resilient little booger...

Kristen was happy to see Jillian again too. I seriously could not have asked for a better babysitter for her for the first 8 months of her life!

 I was excited to see Jillian's reaction to a very small baby- she's only been around kids her own size. Much to my dismay, I don't think she knew the difference between the baby and the pillow next to the baby. The only interest she had in Bentlee was the binky in her mouth, which she tried to remove a few times before losing interest and wanting to walk around. So ADD...bless her heart.

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