San Diego

Several months ago I was asked to go to an all expenses paid teaching conference in San Diego. I jumped at the chance after my principal said James and Jillian could also tag along. Well, James and Jillian didn't end up going (darn putting all your money towards a house down payment!), but it was still pretty cool. 

The content of the conference was way good...I love teaching...at one point I sent James a text and said, "This is so good!" to which he responded, "...Nerd." Basically. 

My job matters. Tell me any different and I will verbally assault you with intellect and fact. 

Aside from the conference, I had the second best meal of my life...grilled sea bass with mushroom risotto in truffle sauce...HOLY CARP! 

We also did a little exploring on the island of Coronado. I rode a bike for the first time in YEARS (literally). 

Good few days overall. I guess it's back to real life tomorrow...I've been living in somewhat of a dream land with a student teacher teaching all the time...her last day is tomorrow, so I guess I have to start doing my job again. Shaping minds, it's exhausting work ya know.

3 days 'til spring break!

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  1. First, of COURSE your job matters! I want to know who would actually argue with that one. Second, I'm curious what the best meal of your life has been??


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