Furniture Makeover- Dos

This beast was about 5 seconds away from going in the dumpster or on KSL...whatever one was going to happen was the one that was going to happen. ...

BUT THEN I remembered I can make ugly things cute (most things...let's not push our luck with that one..). After talking to the paint lady at Lowe's- who was shockingly knowledgeable- I primed it with Bullseye 321 Primer. The stuff is fantastic because you don't have to SAND! Sanding is lame and I hate it. 

The paint is somecolorican'tremember by Valspar...that's not helpful...but it's the perfect combination of blue/green/grey and I LOVE IT (It's a little more green-ish then the picture shows). After a little handle lovin' from Hobby Lobby, it's finished!

Sidebar: while at Hobby Lobby Jillian was reaching out for EVERYTHING. I gave her this giant jack looking thing (you know like that game you play? Jacks?) Well apparently it was breakable. I forget she's into that whole "I'm going to drop everything you give me just to see what happens" phase. Oops. Is it bad if I just put it down and walked away? :-D 

Totally diggin' the new dresser. It's currently in the guest room, where it will reside permanently (for now) with the new guest bed with white linens and red accent pillows. LURVE!

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