Dear Jillian (9 months)

Dear Jillian,

It happened. Something must have finally connected in your brain because you can CRAWL! Of course you decided to do it the DAY I went back to school after Spring Break. Michaela sent me a video of you slowly making your way to the entertainment center (one of your new favorite places to play). It's almost weird seeing you crawl over to my feet and try to pull yourself up on my legs because you want to be picked up (almost always when I'm trying to make dinner). 

Even more than crawling, you LOVE walking (with the help of someone holding your hands of course). You'll just walk from room to room. It's especially cute when you Dad pretends to chase you, then you tense all up and shriek and try to move those little legs as fast as they will go to run away from him. You'll usually take 5-6 steps then turn around to see if he's still chasing you, and the whole thing starts over. You'll also kick a soccer ball as you walk (your Dad is especially excited for this new skill). 

(Don't know why this is sideways...turn your computer I suppose...or your face..turning your face would probably be easier). 

YOU SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! Good girl. A month ago you would do this maybe 2-3 times per week, then one night you decided to do it all the time! It is NICE to sleep without being interrupted. On behalf of my sanity, I thank you. Your naps are also infinitely better: 1-2 hours and you put yourself right to sleep. Your favorite sleep position is in the corner of the crib with your bum straight up in the air and your arms tucked under your chest. It's adorable. 

You have learned how to sit up in your crib and pull yourself up to your knees. Sometimes you're like that when I get you in the morning and it definitely takes me by surprise. 

At your 9 month doctor's appointment you weighed 18 lbs. Which was somewhere in the 60th percentile, but in the 91st percentile for height! You definitely get that from your dad's side (the Shannon's are a short, stout bunch). 

Bath time is probably your favorite time of day. You know it's coming when we walk into the bathroom and I get the water started because you try to lay down right then so I can take your onesie off so you can get in! You also love playing with the water as it fills the tub. I love that you attack the water when it goes back down the drain.

I love your smiles! Lately you do this thing when you're eating where you turn your head either to the side or back and fake laugh. It's the cutest thing!  

          Photobucket                 Photobucket

You like to help me fold laundry...well...sort of...you mostly just undo my piles. You'll pick up something and stretch it over your head and put it to the side, then do that with like 5 other shirts. Sometimes you'll put a shirt or sock or something over your face and play peek-a-boo with me! 

You're so HAPPY! I can't believe how different you are from your first few months of life. You make everyone else around you smile! You're also a major talker. You babble/yell/scream/shriek ALL the time! (This is my favorite dress of yours by the way): 
                   Photobucket         Photobucket

You love eating yogurt! Freeze dried yogurt drops are your favorite. You also love a good pineapple-banana mix. And surprisingly enough, you like broccoli! Since you're weened from your reflux meds, we're just starting to switch you back to normal formula. So far so good!  

I can't wait to see what cute thing you'll do next! 

Love you to pieces,

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