Packing and moving and moving and packing

Moving. Is. Hard. You never know how much crap you've acquired until you have to pack it up and move it all. 

I have a lot of crap. 

We started on Saturday (much later than we thought we would...sleeping in is kind of important). Many carloads and truckloads later, all of said crap was in giant piles around our new house. I could've done a better job labeling where the boxes went...I've learned that lesson now.

Sunday we moved the last of everything over and started unpacking the boxes.

I think I'll be unpacking boxes for the next several days. 

Sunday night we noticed the hot water heater wasn't turned on...we actually even read the instructions on the side of the thing to try to get it to work, but- it didn't. Monday morning came around and the water was frigid...like...no chance you could pay me to get a shower in that temperature of water frigid. We called the hot water heater repair guy and he came over, looked at it for all of 30 seconds, held the button down just a little longer than we did, and charged $55 bucks for it. I guess he felt justified in doing so because he said, "Well now you know for next time. At least you learned something today!"

I have a feeling we'll be saying that a LOT over the next year. Aye aye aye. 

Jillian is NOT liking this abrupt change. She usually is the happiest, most content baby and will play by herself with her toys for SO long. Ever since we've been in the new house, she'll cry as soon as I put her down or walk out of her sight, and won't go to sleep unless someone is holding her hand. EXHAUSTING. Hopefully she gets used to it soon, cause I'm worn out. 

Michaela is living with us for the next couple of weeks until she can move into her apartment in Provo, and she's been helping out a TON with Jillian (thanks Mich!!). 

Much more unpacking ahead! I don't dare put up pictures now..someone might submit my name to Hoarders..


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