I figured since I've lived in Utah for like 4 years, I might as well give skiing a try. My legs HURT. Spencer really wanted to go snowboarding for his birthday (a choice he would later regret), so off we went. Michaela and I went skiing (because we knew that was a little more forgiving for first timers). 

We geared up in ridiculously heavy, tight boots and waddled our way up the side of the mountain with hands full of skis and poles towards the bunny hill. Fortunately, our ski instructor was pretty patient with us. I think I caught on fairly quickly (after a near-death experience with the tow rope...). 

We made 6 runs down the bunny hill, then rode the lift up to the top of the hill (where I also biffed it trying to get off of the lift). Coming down was pretty fun. I only fell twice! Once because I would've tripped over Michaela anyway, who was already looking up at me from the ground, and another time because the move I learned to STOP failed.

If all else fails, fall. Then you'll stop. My mom video recorded me coming down the last slope. I thought by that point I was looking semi-legit and going at on okay speed...but watching the reply was more of an..."Oohh...is that what that looked like? Dangit..." 

Michaela was pretty hilarious to be with. She was having a harder time mastering the stop maneuver,  which is essentially putting the front of your skis in a "wedge" shape. If she started going to fast you would hear, "Sweet baby Moses, ohmygosh AAAHHHH!!"

Later we met back up with Spencer and my Dad, who had very defeated looks on their faces. My Dad described his first snowboard experience as "the worst experience of his life." See, apparently skiing IS easier. 

Jillian had fun with Nana just walking around and looking at everyone. We put her in her snowsuit towards the end and sat her down in the snow, which was her first time actually being out in it! She wasn't too sure...but she looked pretty freaking adorable in her massive marshmallow suit. 

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