Time...I found some.

Having a student teacher is both wonderful and exhausting at the same time. Oh, I have a student teacher now. She'll be here for another two and a half weeks and is planning/teaching everything. Which. Is. Wonderful. I'm finally knocking out my "to-do" list that I've had for my classroom since umm...October? 

Well, I've been squeezing in my list between everyone's lists they've decided to pile on me. (Scut-monkey, much?)  

I got around to making this super huge pencil writing chart to keep track of where the kids are in their writing (super convenient):

Made this "fast-finisher" chart to hang up that is dry-erasable (aka changeable) so they can never come up to me and say, "I'm bored, what can I do now?" Fabulous. 

And swiped this idea from Pinterest for "synonym rolls" as a center idea. 

Next up on the list: (in between my recently acquired secretarial work) an Easter egg center and start making writing journals for next year! WOO for productivity!

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