Packing and squash

Packing /SUCKS/. The goal this weekend was to get the house mostly packed up 

 (did I mention we're buying a house? This is it!)

...ha..haha. I didn't even know where to start. Let me rephrase...I DON'T know where to start. 

I figured I'd do something easy, like all the DVD's and board games. After I did that, James heard a song while we were in Red Mango (avoiding packing) and said, "That makes me want to watch The Italian Job." "Sorry...you can't...it's packed in a box." "Did you tape the box?" "Yeah." "Crap." 

I suppose we'll be having lots of those conversations over the next week.

I also seem to think that since we are in a state of packing, cleaning is moot and eating out all the time is acceptable. It works, for now. 

I also had to post this picture of Jillian. She HATES squash. 

I'm kind of weird in that I fix Jillian one fruit and veggie each day (even though if she had it her way, she'd eat bananas at every meal). Well, squash was in the refrigerator, thus on the menu. I managed to make her eat 4 bites of it. On that fourth bite, she promptly leaned over the tray of her high chair, and spit it out...then of course looked up at me and smiled. Message received, baby.

Goal the rest of this week? More packing, less avoiding...less squash.

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