for auld lang syne

Last year I posted the "top 12 moments of 2012"...that was a bad idea...because I'm not thinking of 13 for this year, and 14 for next...

But 2013 was a great year. 
Some highlights (each person shall have 3...that's much more manageable than 13).

1. got (another) new job in downtown Salt Lake and loves it.
2. started his MBA program. 
3. met his childhood hero, John Stockton. 

 1. started an Etsy shop. 
2. completed more home improvement projects this year than in my whole life combined (probably).
3. grew a baby! (well, still in progress...but so far so good).


1. learned a LOT (knows about 12-13 shapes, all the colors, can count to 13, recognizes 
 almost all of the letters in the alphabet, talks like she's 5... SLOW DOWN time!)
2. has started singing (to herself or along with me to little church songs).
3. has a new found love for helping me in the kitchen (I'll use the term "helping" very loosely here). 

2014 will have some great things in store as well- like adding a whole other PERSON to our family...whhaaa???

Adios 2013!

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