{almost} halfway!

ALMOST halfway done! Nineteen weeks to be exact. This is a big accomplishment. I can't believe how FAST this pregnancy is going by compared to Jillian's. I actually am in NO rush for May to get here...too much to get done before then! Since time shows no signs of slowing down I better get movin'. 

This might be too much information, but really if you're living in denial about this you should just know. I always thought with Jillian my previous stretch marks would just come back...ha...hahah. Just turns out your old stretch marks get NEW stretch marks on top of them and you get them in new places! SO FUN! 
If you're one of the RARE women who does NOT get stretch marks, you probably shouldn't tell anyone to avoid an angry mob of stretchy-marked women chasing you down trying to steal your good genes. I'd be in that group- pitchfork and all. 

This girl moves ALL the time- more than I remember Jillian moving at this point. Hopefully that's no indication of personality. I'm really banking on a chill, easy-going kid this go 'round.

I also think we decided on a name! Since James still thinks Harper isn't a real name- which is lame and it totally is-we had to go with plan B, which took some thinking. But for now we like the name Olivia Claire. Neither are family names, and no I don't feel bad about that. I think the names Jillian and Olivia go well together (why yes, even my children's names, along with all of the color schemes in my home decor, have to coordinate and work well together- in case you were wondering). 

Here's the being halfway there!  :-D

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