I really wanted to start a new tradition in our family this year of an advent calendar. I wanted to include activities we could do together, as well as some days where there is just a yummy treat inside (I do have a 2 year old after all...candy trumps piece of paper with activity on it EVERY time).

I loved the idea of a puzzle box calendar, so thanks to Hobby Lobby that idea came to fruition. I still have to find something to mount it on...I'm thinking of putting magnets on the back and putting them on a framed piece of hammered metal...we shall see.

I included things like making a snowman, going to see Christmas lights, making a gingerbread house, making Christmas cookies, leaving a treat for the mailman, reading the Christmas story, riding on the Polar Express, stuff like that. 

Box #1 was accomplished tonight- new Christmas jammies and a Christmas bedtime story:

 (She's pointing to the reindeer on her side and looking extra cute doing it).

My #25 box doesn't have a number on it, but it's extra jazzy since it's Christmas day, so I feel like I have to put something extra special in that one...but I don't have any ideas...so if you DO have an idea, send it my way. :-)

Let the countdown begin!

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