thoughts on baby #2

So more pink it is! I'm actually totally excited to have another girl. I grew up with 3 girls in the house (myself, my little sister, and my mom) and it was kind of perfect. You always have a shopping/pedicure buddy! Well, it wasn't always that way...I was actually pretty mean to Michaela when I was little...convincing her to eat bowls of butter telling her it was ice cream-things like that-but NOW we're totally best friends! (She's even mostly forgiven me for the butter thing).

So I'm not looking forward to the fighting over clothes, toys, shoes, jewelry, and other dumb stuff girls fight over, but hopefully one day they will be best friends and the overload of estrogen that will be in my house in the next few months will be completely worth it! 

I asked James if he would be disappointed if it was another girl and he instantly replied "No, I'll just be more nervous." Then later when we found out it WAS another girl, he said "I'm really gonna have to bulk up in the next 10 years..." 
Teenage years will be fun. Right now I can't even FATHOM raising a teenager, let alone two teenage girls. Maybe I'll just send them to live with my sister. ;-) 

My family is also excited- don't let my Dad's reaction in the reveal video fool you ("Oh crap!"). He loves those little girls. He's gotten pretty good at telling princess stories and taking them for rides on the golf cart through the woods to look for fairies. Honestly, I think it will be an adjustment for everyone when a boy DOES come along!

I'm already scheming ideas on how to redo Jillian's room (I was ready for a change anyway) to update color schemes and make room in her closet for BOTH of them. Eeek! 

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