new kitchen backsplash- finally

If you know me, you know I have a constant list of DIY home improvement projects going on in my mind at all times. As soon as one is knocked off the list, another is added on. 

This one turned out to be quite unexpected. An old friend of mine had some leftover mosaic tile she used for a back splash that I LOVED. They found it at a liquidation store for super cheap ($18 a box!!), so she sold it to me for super cheap! That's probably the only reason why I decided to go ahead and do it.

I borrowed several tools to complete the project, and since I got the tile for a great price, the whole project cost about $120. I still can't get over that. Turns out though, it was much harder than the Youtube video made it look...next time I'm 99% confident I'll just bite the financial bullet and pay someone else to do it.

(in progress)

But I LOVE the way it turned out!! 

I also had enough leftover to put up a mini back splash in Jillian's bathroom. That room is ALMOST complete, so you'll have to wait and see...

The main floor of our townhouse has changed pretty drastically since we moved in. I wish I had a clear 'before' picture, but I didn't realize I'd be changing so much. When we moved in I remember thinking, "Wow! I don't really have to change anything!" Turns out when you're surrounded by oak, you start to feel like you should wear flannel all the time and chop down your own firewood- somewhat of a cabin/lumberjack effect. 
We painted the walls, got new flooring, added bead board to the back of the bar, painted the kitchen cabinets, changed the light fixture, and added back splash...so pretty much everything. 

I did find these pictures though:

 If you look past my face and that enormous gingerbread cookie you can see the old everything. Pretty dreary, no?


I think I'll be sad when we move out of here in the next couple/few years...I'm starting to get attached! 
Next projects on the list:
-Finish Jillian's bathroom update (just needs wall paint!)
-Update Jillian's color scheme and revamp closet space
-Completely redo the master bathroom

Annnnddd hoping to do all of that before baby numero dos arrives in May. 

Es gonna be goooood.

And then I'm going to take a break. And a nap (again, before May...after May I don't think I'll ever sleep again).

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