'twas the week before christmas

...and everything was busy.
In a good way, but just busy! My family flew into town (which is always a good time). We packed a lot into a short week. 
 I wanted to have all of my Christmas shopping done before they flew in (HAH!)...I guess procrastinators never change. My Dad and I were out the day before Christmas Eve getting the last of it. Next year I'll be better! 
The night they got here we saw the lights on Temple Square in Salt Lake. Not only was it frigid and icy (my poor Florida family), but like shoulder-to-shoulder busy! Probably the busiest I've ever seen it around Christmas time. I suppose that's a good thing.
Please note my hipster brother in his little jacket. It was like 9 degrees. Conversely, I think my mom was wearing 3 pairs of socks at all times while she was here.

We also rode on "The Polar Express", which is an old historic train in Heber turned all Christmas-y for the holidays. The girls were in their jammies and we sang Christmas songs the whole ride. We were served hot chocolate and cookies by a chef and elves, and got a visit from Santa who gave each kid a jingle bell. Just like the book! The girls especially loved it! Okay I totally loved it as well. Just up my alley of cheesiness. 

We made things, like sugar cookies drowning in sprinkles and 6-feet-tall snowmen:

 Jillian used the "layering technique" when it came to decorating. I think there were 5-6 layers of frosting and sprinkles. Diabetes. Yum.
 (An unsuspecting Ryan bites his delicious cookie...only to have it smashed into his beard hairs by Kimber. That's what he gets for having a beard.) 

(I can't take any credit for building the snowman...it was WAY too cold to be outside. But seriously, the thing was over 6 feet tall! And when you don't have a carrot for a nose, spoons will do just fine). 

And we ate...and ate...and ate...Good thing I'm already required to gain weight ;-) 

My parents and Spencer flew back today and I'm already hating how quiet and uneventful my house is! I'm also nowhere near ready to pack up the Christmas decorations...so I think I'll let those linger just a bit longer. 

What an awesome week!

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