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Now that Thanksgiving is officially over the Christmas music is blaring, lights are being strung, and I'll be constantly sweeping up glitter from random decorations for the next month. AND I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!! (Let's be honest...I did start slightly before Thanksgiving this year...whatever.)

So I decided it would be a good idea to do a "toy purge" before Christmas. Seemed like a win/win for everybody- we clean house of toys and books no longer played with and donate them. As I was going through bin after bin I realized, WOW...Jillian has a lot of JUNK. Random plastic, trinket-y toys that she probably hardly ever played with when they were actually new. It only took a handful of those to ask myself, "Why do I buy this crap?" 
Because it's cheap, and I can't say no to my child in the check outline at the store. duh. That's why. But is it really WORTH it?
I've decided no. Not at all. 

This year for Christmas (and from now on) I've decided I'm going to go for quality toys that I KNOW will get played with and entertain well, instead of a massive amount of plastic, light-up, flashy sale toys that end up in the "donate" pile 6 months later.   

Quality over quantity. I feel pretty good about it.
It was hard to pass up the good deals on princess and Minnie Mouse type random trinket stocking stuffers at Target, but I made it out of that aisle alive with only ONE thing. A Christmas miracle.
One of my favorite new sites for toys is Land of Nod. I also love anything Melissa and Doug brand. I seriously swoon over SO MANY of these.

Here are my picks for Christmas this year:

1/ Play canopy at Land of Nod
3/ Wooden art easel at Ikea
4/ Shape sequence sorting set from Melissa and Doug
5/ Wooden fishing set on Etsy (also this cheaper version on Land of Nod)

Happy Christmas shopping to all!

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