I love everything about Halloween. Well...except anything scary...so most of Halloween I guess, or at least, part of it.

Jillian was ridiculously excited about dressing up in her Minnie Mouse costume. The girl is obsessed with all things Disney. I'd consider Disneyland, but I think her heart would literally arrest on the spot. So for now we'll stick to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, occasional trips to the Disney Store, and Minnie Mouse costumes on Halloween. 

She still thinks it's Halloween by the way. Over a week later and now she wants to be Ariel, for me to be a pumpkin, and James to be Tarzan (hah!). 

Fortunately and unfortunately Jillian gets really shy and anxious around people she doesn't know. This is fortunate because I don't have to worry about her easily walking away with a stranger. This is unfortunate, because when said stranger is trying to lure her closer with a pot of candy while trick-or-treating, she nearly has a meltdown. 



Even though she didn't like the ACTUAL act of trick-or-treating, she loved walking around with her BFF Brynlee, so the night was still fun! Especially snacking on her candy stash after she went to sleep that night. :-)

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