Happy Thanksgiving!

 (the one super high-quality photo we took of us today!)

I have SO much to be grateful for...an incredible family, a supportive and helpful husband, a gorgeous little girl, another healthy baby bean cookin' away, a great job that allows me to work from home, James' job that still allows him to be in grad school, great friends, a warm house, Zofran...and I could go on and on.  

It was nice to all be gathered around one table with James' side of the family (even if I was missing a few of my favorite southern side dishes)! We are lucky to have so many of them so close. 

This Thanksgiving I decided to put myself in charge of dessert. One thing I definitely learned from my mom is to never undervalue the quality and deliciousness of homemade dessert. It was a little risky going with 3 new recipes I'd never made before, but holy SMOKES they did not disappoint. I give all of them 5 stars. 

(a layer of pecan pie topped with a brown sugar cheesecake and dulce de leche)

(perfect amount of tartiness)

(you actually wish Snickers tasted that good)

We hope your Thanksgiving was spent with those you love (and delicious food!)!

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