Not gonna lie, it's a little tricky thinking of goals for the new year when I'm really just focused on surviving potty training this week. Today was day 1 and so far, so good. She had as many successes as accidents, which I will count as an overall success, but MAN is it exhausting. I never thought I'd have to make up so many dumb songs about going pee.

So I will try to have a little foresight and think beyond all of the pee messes that will happen on my floor this week. 

 A handful of things I'd like to accomplish in 2014:

how to make homemade donuts in those cute donut pans 
how to use photoshop, or something like it

up enough extra cash-ola to buy a camera (time to branch out of the iPhone only photos)

something other than my usual fictional dystopian society/political fiction books. I Am Malala sounds incredible

a new shared space for Jillian and kiddo #2 
more items for my Etsy shop, and spend more time on it in general

the storage closet in the basement...I shudder even listing this one

pilates again (and find time to do it with 2 kids)! I fell in love with it last year but since I'm prego obviously there's a lot I can't do. I'm definitely counting down until the summer when I can get back on that giant bouncy ball

 And that sounds like a good enough list for me!

Happy New Year!

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