Chapped lips, big hips

Mid-winter depression.
I have it. 

Also, chapped lips. I steal James' Chapstick ALL the time...I dunno why I don't just keep my own. It's way easier not keeping track of his and just asking for it when I need it (which is all the time).

Also, by pregnancy default, big hips. My balance is starting to get weird and bending over is getting hard.
...and Jillian has been pretending I'm Santa lately...giant bowl full of jelly.

And it's cold outside. WHERE are all of the indoor kid play places? HUH?!? Utah is really lacking in this area considering you can't play outside for a solid 4 months of the year (and don't suggest playing outside in the snow...I can't even comprehend such a silly suggestion). 

So because Jillian and I are bored...we start thinking of more projects around the house we can do. Which really means, I think of them/do them and Jillian thinks of how she can mess them up while they're in progress (like painting the bathroom wall with my concealer brush while the new paint color is drying. Thanks for that kiddo.).

I started working on our bathroom makeover. (You will soon learn my favorite spaces to makeover are bathrooms and closets...that's not weird at all. But I'm really on to something with the closets...just you wait...).

I'll give you one sneak-peek before picture for funsies:

First thought...bland? monochromatic? paint on the light bulb? 

Good. I agree!
Plans (because I almost have more fun planning a space than actually doing it):

The plan is to add more color while still having white elements throughout to keep it feeling light and fresh (as a bathroom should feel, right?). While also adding some needed storage space and updating the fugly fixtures. 
I've only made a few changes so far and it already looks pretty different. 

Exciting stuff will be happening soon- if you consider shelving and light fixtures exciting...if you don't...why are we even friends?



  1. UGH. We need to move next door to each other so we can do DIY projects all day errrryday.


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