on potty training

The week after Christmas I decided to potty train Jillian. Why is it the 12th of January and I'm just now writing this? Because since then we've made trips to the bathroom every 30 minutes. The majority of the last couple of weeks has been filled singing dumb songs about going pee-pee and poo-poo, bribing with treats and offering rewards, and I think I'm about all out of praises. If I don't give anyone a compliment for the next month it's because all of my positive energy and reinforcement is channeled to my two-and-a-half year-old who "DID IT in the big potty like a big girl!"
(Sometimes I think...this is my life. I sing songs about pooping.) :-p

Holy exhausting.

There were several signs that led me to believe she was probably ready, but I was freaked out of my mind. "What if she doesn't get it or doesn't want to and then grows up having weird emotional problems because of our horrific potty training experience?" 
I knew I wanted to dive all in- big girl panties and all. No pull-ups. That's kind of been my approach to most things with her- just cold turkey- and it's worked out really well for both of us.

Fortunately we made it through the week alive. The first day was to be expected- we spent most of the day in the bathroom just a waitin' and cleaning up pee messes. It really only took her a couple of accidents to realize peeing on the floor is a bad thing and well, gross. On her third accident, she looked up from the puddle of pee she was standing in and made the sound effect, "wah-wah". Haha! I don't even know where she learned that...

Really after that though things went surprisingly smooth. She had a few days with 1 accident a day, then no accidents, then we braved an outing (with a diaper OVER the "under panties" as she calls them JUST in case), and we're all still alive to tell about it.  

She's been really into role-playing lately, pretending she's Ariel or Belle, or Minnie Mouse (and I'm always the lame characters...). At one point several days in she grabbed my hand and said, "Hurry Beast! We have to go to the castle!" (aka the bathroom). So we ran to the bathroom and she sat on the potty and then sighed, "Aahhhh, now we're safe!" 
That girl. She is nothing if not imaginative.

  Today we walked out of church 50 bajillion times because she said she had to go...really I think she just wanted to flush the big toilet that makes a much bigger "whoosh" than ours at home. At one point I asked her if she had to go "poopies". To which she responded by bellowing, "NO I DON'T HAVE TO GO POOPY MOMMY!" 
Message received, by the entire congregation actually.

But all-in-all I'm super proud of her. Potty training? Check. 

And now to enjoy the next 4 months of a diaper-free toddler, until we're back in the game with a newborn who poops more than you ever knew was humanly possibly until you HAVE a newborn and witness it for yourself. *sigh. 


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