tales of a 2am troubled toddler

I remember when Jillian was around 12 months old and started sleeping a solid 12 hours straight at night. "Ahhh," I thought, "We've arrived. I can do anything with this amount of uninterrupted sleep!"

What no one tells you is that just because they start doesn't mean they always will. After a few months we realized Jillian goes through phases where she will sleep really well, then just have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.

This week has been one such week. 

It started one night at the beginning of the week (I'm too sleep deprived to remember which night) with an ear-piercing, bloodcurdling shriek. 
I hurried out of bed, as much as my growing baby-belly would let me, to see who stabbed her in the face. Because such a horrid noise would only come from such a tiny human if that human were getting stabbed in the face. 

I walk in the room and as soon as she sees me, she stops. I walk over to the crib and peak over to ask, "What's wrong? Are you okay?" 
"Oh, Hi Mommy. Can I have some water?"
And this is when I made this face:
The next several nights followed the same pattern, happening from one to three times a night. Here is what Jillian thinks warrants such distressing and unpleasant screams to get your attention at 2am:
Needing new pajamas, because you no longer want the ones with footies.
You want a song to be sung to you.
Your toe hurts.
No reason at all.
You want to go to Wal-mart.
You're "all done night-night".
You want to watch Mickey Mouse.

I think I reached the pinnacle of aggravation with this whole situation a couple of nights ago when she woke up because she'd pooped. At 3am. Who DOES that?!

I changed her diaper half-asleep in her mostly dark room. On the way back to her crib I stepped on something small and squishy, so I flicked it off my foot thinking, "Weird, that felt like gum....I wasn't chewing gum...Jillian doesn't chew gum...Oh crap."
The smell on my finger indicated what I'd stepped on was indeed not gum- it was an escaped pellet of poop.

I believe this now. More than ever.


  1. This is hysterical because we have all been there! Its so nice to know as parents, you are not alone and experience many of the same things!...except for stepping on poop! haha ;) Miss you!

  2. You are hilarious Whit!! I love your blog <3 My favorite reason is she needs to go to walmart....at 3am. LOLZ! Quite the little character you have my dear!


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