pinterest, why you fail me?!

I've read some things lately where these women are getting all "anti-Pinterest" because it puts too much pressure on women to feel perfect and they have to do all these things they're pinning and if not then they feel like they suck at life..blah..blah...blah. I disagree. I LURVE IT. I've gotten so many incredible ideas from Pinterest and a lot of inspiration for random things. 
And of course a fair number of DIY and craft projects. 

This one seemed like a beyond-brilliant idea:

I HAVE A MILLION (okay like 10) diaper boxes!!! I've been using them to store Jillian's clothes in the basement as she grows out of them. I was also in need of some new storage baskets for her closet. 
Problem, meet solution. 


So I was all excited to "upcycle" my old diaper boxes into something pretty and useful again, and ESPECIALLY for a cheaper price than buying all new baskets. So here's how it actually went down:

1 large diaper box needed 200 ft of rope= $14 from Lowe's
75 hot glue sticks= $4ish from Hobby Lobby
Fabric= $5 from Hobby Lobby
Time= 4 hours (no, I'm not kidding...maybe even more...)

This was for ONE box. Total cost= $23 (and more if you're of the whole time=money persuasion, which I definitely am now). That's about how much (if not more) it would cost to just purchase a new basket, which doesn't take 4 hours to do, mind you. 
Also, when you're buying a basket from the store you probably won't burn your finger on your hot glue gun 9 gajillion times. 

James got home and I told him of my glue-gunning woes, and he replied "Well I could've told you that would be a bad idea." 
Husband= giving me reality checks since 2008.

Did it turn out cute? Sure! Can you tell it's a diaper box? Nope! 
But some things just aren't worth the bragging rights, you know? 

Needless to say...I'll be back at Hobby Lobby later this week buying the REST of the baskets I need (because they're also 50% off right now!)

Lesson learned: some things though good in theory, like socialism and fat-free ice cream, are not so good in practice. 

Aaannddd on to the next.

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