the girls' room closet- halfway there!

If there's anything I know about being a girl and having a girl with a second on the way, it's the importance of having a functional closet.

The first space that needed revamping in Jillian's room to accommodate not one, but TWO girls and the massive amounts of clothes we've managed to procure for them was the closet (I blame Baby Gap...something happens in that store where I lose track of all things time and money...especially money).

(who makes an idea board for a closet? Me. I do.)

Her closet before was pretty standard and closet-y. We could've managed to make it functional for both of them with just some better organizing, but WHERE'S the fun in that?

 (I also used it for some of my clothes and shoes as well...oops...that also had to change, which means by default I had to clean out MY closet.)

The real problems here: not enough storage space, it stays open most of the time out of convenience so the doors just get in the way (which means everyone can see how messy and not pretty it is), and with needing the space for a toddler bed AND crib in the room, this space also needed to accommodate some kind of changing area. 

Basically I decided I wanted the closet to feel like an extension of the room instead of just, well, a closet. 

The first things to go were the doors. We never used them, so off with their heads. The room already felt bigger with those suckers gone:

No doors! 
Cue the Ikea Hemnes dresser. Storage problems: solved. Plenty of space for Jillian and her soon-to-be sister and my their shopping addiction (squeezing it in there was super fun to figure out- but by golly it was going to fit whether it wanted to or not). The drawer inserts Ikea sells also make everything more organized, which makes my little OCD heart flutter.

I added a pop of color to the walls with some left over paint from our bathroom. 
The wallpaper on my idea board from Anthro is dreamy, but the price? Not so much. $148 per roll is no joke...well, kind of. I did kind of laugh when I saw that number. I have no problem justifying expensive things, but James probably would have left me over $150/roll wallpaper. ;-) Fortunately, I found this gift wrap paper online from my new favorite store for all things paper related. Best part? $8.50 for 3 huge sheets!

It had the same color scheme and look I was going for, and now that I compare them I actually like this one better. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to frame it in there, hang it, Mod Podge it onto something...I dunno...we shall see. But it's definitely going to pretty-fy the space and tie in all of the other colors I have planned for their room.

So now we are well on our way to a functional, organized, pretty closet. Win, win, win. 
I just need to add a couple of more storage baskets up top and on top of the shelf for the lotions and things, figure out the artwork situation once that gorgeous paper arrives, and then WAH-LAH. Closet perfection.


I reeeeaallllyyy want to add a mirror to the back of the wall. Why would I add a mirror to the back of a closet? Because it will make the whole room appear bigger since mirrors are you know...reflective. I'm not sure how that will work out yet since I'm not doing true wallpaper, thus the physics of hanging it may get tricky...so if you have any ideas, do share. 

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