valentine's day is for cookies

What is Valentine's day without sugar cookies??? Just another day to celebrate the people you love?...booooring. 
Haha. I kid.

Jillian had a friend over to play today and we decorated some heart-shaped sugar cookies. And by decorated I mean the grown-ups decorated them, and the toddlers ate frosting by the spoonfuls while begging for more sprinkles. 

I'm in no way claiming these are beautifully decorated, BUT I am definitely claiming they are Valentine's Day quality delicious. 

In my opinion, sugar cookies are one of those things that are way too easy to mess up. I came across a REALLY good recipe for both the cookie and the frosting. I used these for Jillian's birthday party last year so I think I've shared them before, but they're worth sharing again:

THIS cookie recipe is AMAZING! These aren't the ones pictured (thanks to us making them super last minute today), but the ones in the link turn out almost bread-like and not that sweet at all, which is GREAT when you pair it with a buttercream frosting because it's not overly holy-crap too sweet.

THIS buttercream is sooo good. I hate when frostings are way too powdered-sugary. This one is a great balance, and when paired with that cookie...MMMMMM!  

Happy Valentine's Day, lovers.

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