3rd trimester...whhaaaaa???

28 weeks and a few days! 

This is how I feel about that: 

I can't BELIEVE I'm already in the last trimester! I've decided by the time baby #3 comes along I'll just blink and sneeze, then "Oh look! A baby!" 

Surely most women experience that right? The more kids you have, the faster your pregnancies seem to go by? Don't get me wrong- I'm TOTALLY OKAY with the phenomenon.

But that means in just a little over 10 WEEKS this little girl will be here!!! 

I have a lot to get done in just 10 weeks.
At least I finally started organizing all of the old baby stuff. That's a good start. My basement is an explosion of little people things. 

Overall things are going great. People are starting to ask me if I'm feeling "done" with being pregnant- not quite, but give it about 5 more weeks and we'll be there. Everything is getting progressively harder- bending over, shaving, especially shaving, getting up off the couch, sleeping...all that stuff. I quickly forget my large girth and bump into things frequently. The other day I sneezed and legitimately peed myself. THAT never happened with baby #1. I immediately texted my Mom because I was both amused and horrified, and she said "just wait...it doesn't get any better as you get older." HAH!

Oh and speaking of a large girth, I'm only 5 pounds away from the heaviest I got when I was pregnant with Jillian...and like I said, I still have ten and a half weeks to go. WHOA. 
It's all good. My pants are super stretchy. ;-) 

The final countdown is on!

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