snip, snip

We took Jillian over the weekend to get her very first haircut! I'm not sure what I was more nervous about- the fact that there would be a pair of sharp scissors near her very wiggly head, or that she freaks out anytime I try to do her hair and hates strangers, so the combination of a stranger cutting her hair could have been a very nasty one.

 Fortunately, she was a rock star (she inherits this from me ;-). The lollipop I gave her definitely helped. I also told her she was going to get "princess hair" and she was all over that. 

She only got a little snipped off just to trim her bangs and the wispy pieces in the back, but I think we can successfully check this "first" off the list! 

(The pictures are terrible, as was the lighting in that joint)

James was also getting his haircut at the same time (see him in the background?) :-) It was a family affair.

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