the 4th

I LOVE the 4th of July. Ever since Jillian was born though, our celebrations have been pretty tame (I think she would probably pass out if we went to see a fireworks show). 

Our day started veerrryyy early. We went with friends and family at 6 a.m..six FREAKING a.m. to go see what was supposed to be a hot air balloon launch with many different shaped hot air balloons. We got there bright and early, donuts and juice in hand, only to find out it was cancelled due to too much wind! I was pretty let down. If Jillian would have known what she was missing, she would have been let down too. But we still had a good time eating our breakfast on blankets.

The rest of the day was..exhausting. We had to take advantage of the fact that James and his dad had off of work to rip out our flooring to prep it for the install (that is happening RIGHT now! Eek!). Did you know they staple carpet to the floor A MILLION AND SEVEN times? Furthermore, did you know that when old hardwood is nailed AND glued down  it's a real pain in the profanities to get out? Well...now you know. 

We had full intentions of grilling up some burgers and chowing down on watermelon and key lime pie, but when lunch time rolled around, we decided take out would be..less tiring than cooking. So we ate quesadillas and taco salads..very American of us.

I watched Jillian most of the day while they did the really hard stuff. We did a few sparklers (or "karklers" as Jillian calls them) outside in the blazing heat and played at the playground. 

Because of our ridiculously early day, Jillian went to sleep at 6:30. James brought home some In-N-Out and a redbox and we ate on our bed and watched the movie on my laptop (because we're slobs because all of the furniture is in the basement until the floor is done). 

I promise we're more patriotic than this year let on. 

Happy 4th! I'm so grateful to live in such a blessed country!

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