I think I've had a paint brush in hand almost all summer. ..I'm totally okay with it. I get all these ideas during the school year and finally have time to DO during the summer- so I do, almost nonstop until August.

Last week's project (one of them anyway) was to give my main floor closet a facelift. It was kind of a catch-all place for Jillian's toys, cleaning stuff, coats, swimming pool gear..total dumping ground. Because all of Jillian's toys are in it, the doors stay open most of the day so she can get to them, which means everyone who comes over could see the total wreck it was. 

The basket in there (or collection of random baskets) was not a great storage solution at all. It was way too deep, so the toys at the bottom never got played with. Random things would also fall down there...like a half-eaten piece of Mickey Mouse shaped cheese from who knows how long ago. Did you know they make Mickey Mouse head shaped cheese cubes? I do not lie.

One night I finally decided I had enough with this space. Time for a facelift:

The paint was old and dingy, so it got new stripes! By the way, painting stripes is WAY easier than I thought. Don't be intimidated at all. Follow this advice and you'll be golden. Now I want to paint stripes on everything.

The frame is from Ikea and that print is up in my Etsy shop here

I also scouted out a better toy storage solution from Ikea that separates and organizes all of the toys so Jillian can actually get to them all, and I stay sane in the process- always a bonus.

The coats (which aren't in the before picture, but there were like 20 coats in here) got moved to a downstairs bedroom closet (after all, we're not using them right now), and the vacuum cleaner found a more practical home. 

(We also got new floors since the "before" picture, hence the different look there).  

Now when I pass that closet I say aahhhh (like a relaxing "ah") instead of AAHHH!! (terrified "ah"). 

Much better. 

I'll eventually get a little rack to hang the broom and Swiffer on...as soon as I can get over putting screws into my pretty, neat stripes.  

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