"They'll probably just talk about labor and birthing babies"

That's what my mom told my 17 year-old brother when she asked him if he wanted to come out with us to the big play date at the park we had planned with several other moms and their kiddos. 

But mostly it's true. That is a frequent topic of conversation. And he didn't want to go, for the record. 
Going to a park with a bunch of toddlers? That isn't fun for a teenage boy? ;-)

We went back to Liberty Park today in Salt Lake, this time with more friends! We actually didn't get to talk a whole bunch because in case you didn't know, watching a flock of babies near a water source is actually quite consuming. But it was still fun being out together! These are some of the hippest ladies I know, my Mom included (hippest as in coolest and not as in having big hips).

 The 3 hour nap Jillian took after this play date made the 1 hour drive to get to this park (darn traffic) totally worth it. 

Also, after seeing pictures of myself in those sunglasses, if anyone wants them let me know. I stole them from my sister before she moved, and no one has told me how awful they look on me. You're all terrible friends. 

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