"two" minnie mouse shirt

 I saw this t-shirt idea on Etsy and LOVED it. However, I didn't want to spend $25 buckaroos on one for Jillian's birthday party. Wah-wah.

Enter DIY.

Adding wording and embellishments to plain t-shirts is actually REALLY easy, so don't be intimidated. Follow these great tutorials here and here. Once you get the hang of it you'll want to do this to every plain tee your kid has. Promise. I would also suggest hand stitching (or using a sewing machine..but I'm not that talented) to sew around the outside of the letters. If you don't, they tend to peel up in the corners after a couple of washes.

I loved that I was able to customize this shirt exactly how I wanted to, and for a cost of about $5! 

To make the Minnie mouse head outline, I google searched "Mickey Mouse head silhouette" and printed this one. You can copy and paste it into a Word document and re-size it to however big or small you need it to be. It doesn't matter if the resolution is poor, you just need the outline. I cut out it and used that as my template to cut out the black felt for the head, then sewed on a polka-dot bow made out of ribbon.

Done and done. 

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