park after park after park

A few mornings each week we make it over to one of the 5 million little parks around here. Since having a toddler, we frequent the park scene much more often.  They definitely don't build those things with moms in mind, do they? Like, is it too much to ask for a more conveniently located bench with a little more shade? Maybe a water mister? 
Too much?

And why aren't more snow cone stands at parks? They're always randomly on the side of the road or in gas station parking lots- because that's definitely where I want to hang out with my toddler.

Anyway. We found a fun one this morning (park, not snow cone stand- unfortunately). 
Jillian already has a BFF and I think it's adorable. They follow each other everywhere, like to hold hands, and take each others share snacks. Today they just walked over to a patch of grass, sat down together with their handfuls of wood chips and were talking to each other about who knows what...probably gossiping. 

I definitely CANNOT get enough of summer. It's going by way too fast. 

In other news, My family comes out from Florida this weekend and I am over the MOON excited.

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  1. looks like the perfect like for the little one! super cool she found a friend already!

    xo Jessica
    stop by if ya get a chance!


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