i am not a camper

I think it's fairly common knowledge that I'm not the camper type. I'll totally go on the occasional hike, sit by a fire, load up on s'mores...but when it comes to full-on ruffing it in the woods, sleeping in a tent camping- no thanks. 

Or give me an RV. I could totally do camping in an RV. 

Like I said, occasional fire and s'mores- I'm all in. We went up with James' aunt and family for just that. Jillian LOVED it. When she wasn't poking the fire with a roasting stick, she was playing in a pile of rocks. Her khaki pants came home brown, covered in dirt. If that's not a sign of a good time, I dunno what is. 

I was completely reminded why I don't like camping full-on camping when the water bottle I drank earlier needed to make a swift exit (something happens after you have kids and all of the sudden you can hold your pee for a grand total of 5 minutes). The 30 minute drive home meant I had to use the campground bathrooms. Egh...Apparently I need to work on my squatter position because I totally peed down my leg. 
Yep. Not a camper. :-)

But bring on more s'mores this summer! I'll just drink a little less next time...

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