goin' green

My little sister is officially in the mission field!! For any non-Mormons out there, that just means she has left the Missionary Training Center in Utah and is now in her assigned area to start teaching and preaching as a missionary for our church. And where is that assigned area? Martha's Vineyard! I'm beyond jealous...she said it's gorgeous! 

When missionaries are new, they're called "greenies"...I'm not really sure why, haha, that's just their nickname. So this week I made Michaela a GREEN package to send her. At first I thought finding all green things in the store would be tricky, but when you're looking for a certain color in the grocery store, suddenly EVERYTHING is that color! I wonder if the cashier noticed...

My "green" package included: lime flavored wheat thins, green PostIt notes, cherry limeade drink mix, lip balm, mouth wash, Trident mint gum, pocket sized Kleenex, mint Oreos, travel size Clorox wipes, War Heads sour candies, Mike and Ike candies, cocoa roasted almonds 100 calorie packs, lotion, Clinique face scrub and moisturizer, a pocket sized mirror, hand sanitizer, and sour cream and onion Pringles (not pictured).

I also found this awesome poem that I typed up a copy of and tossed in as well:

I'm so proud of my sister and I'm excited to send her more fun packages in the future!

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