25 stay alive

I turned 25 last week...TWENTY FIVE!!!! A quarter of a century. Officially in my "mid twenties"...when did that happen? 

Here's what happens when you turn 25:

1. You go through concealer faster than any other makeup product. 
2. You notice a wrinkle on your forehead that isn't just there when you smile...
3. Teenagers you know make references to groups like "No Doubt" like they are SO old school.
4. Your presents start to get more practical.
5. You realize turning 30 is a lot closer than it used to be.

All in all though, 24 was a great year. No complaints (except maybe that one darned wrinkle). And loads of good memories.

To celebrate, James and I went to see the community theater outdoor musical, Tarzan (can you tell I picked what we were doing?) :-p I thought it was cute. James? Well, he stayed until the end. We topped it off with In-N-Out, which has quickly become my favorite burger joint.

My birthday present was a new light fixture! See what I mean about presents becoming more practical? It's all good...I'm totally obsessed with home decor, so it's exactly what I wanted.

I am officially old and boring...but never better!

Adios 24! Bring on the anti-aging cream!

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