happy father's day!

Father's day gets me emotional..like more emotional than Mother's day..weird? But I'm incredibly lucky to have so many great father's in my life! 

 I think one of the reasons my Mom married my Dad is because she knew he'd be an amazing father. One of my parents' first dates was a "study date" (super productive I'm sure). My Dad danced frosted animal cookies across my Mom's books before eating them. Right there she probably thought, "This guy is a total dweeb, and he's also pretty endearing and hilarious." That's exactly how I'd describe him anyway- endearing and hilarious..and maybe also partly dweeb ;-) Today as we were face-timing with him back home, I couldn't help but giggle to myself as he and my Mom were singing "I love you a bushel and a peck" to Jillian in silly, off-key voices just to provoke a smile out of her.

I've also loved watching my father-in-law grow into a Grandpa, or "Gumpa" as Jillian says. Today at dinner he was trying to coax Jillian into eating a bite of her chicken by pretending to feed it to her pet fishy, but telling her the fishy didn't like it, so she had to eat it.  Jillian was kind of slow to warm up to him at first, but now she begs to see him! 

And of course, last but not least, the father of my own child and other future kiddos. Even though he's pretty busy between school and work, he will always squeeze time in with her- and boy does she soak it up. I think Jillian defines a new level of "Daddy's girl". Every day when he gets home from work, she squeals and runs to the door to give him a hug. Then she immediately says "go get mail?" Their latest ritual is going to the mailbox together, haha. I love the way he looks at her- it's still the way he looked at her when they first met! I always say this, but I knew James would be a good father, but he has far exceeded any of my expectations- and for that, I am so grateful!

Happy Father's Day! 

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