gift guide part 2!

Guys...I'm super excited about Christmas shopping (even though I'm still trying to figure out how to do my Halloween costume...my mind is in too many places at once). What's slightly ironic is that even after the first kids' gift guide I posted, I've only purchased one present for each of my kids. Though I don't have much to actually show for all of the mentally energy I've put into this- I have a lot of ideas! That's half the battle, right? ...errr...maybe?

one//  Pop up wooden toy at Land of Nod  (under $25)
two// Wubbanub pacifier holder (under $20)-- I'm especially excited about this one. I'm really over waking up 2034234 times a night just to stick a binky back in because she can't find it!
three// Wooden teething/clutching toy from Haba Magica (under $20)
four// Latches board by Melissa and Doug (under $25)
five// Wooden activity cube by B. Zany Zoo

one// Magnetic catch and count fishing game by Melissa and Doug (under $20)
two// Alphabet sound puzzle by Melissa and Doug (under $20)
three// Marble Run by Mindware
four// Mix it Up! Interactive picture book by Herve Tullet (under $20)--I really can't say enough things about this book! Definitely one you won't get sick of reading.
five// Projector Flashlight at Land of Nod (under $20)

Also, one of my FAVORITE Christmas traditions is new Christmas jammies!
I love this cute picture book about elves delivering them on Christmas Eve! 

If that counts as a gift then my official count is 3 gifts purchased- not two. Well, if sitting in your cart on Amazon counts. 

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