Happy Halloween-ween! (I dunno...that's what Jillian has been calling it this year. But it is more fun to say...)

Halloween was really like a week long celebration this year- which was awesome (obviously). I LOVE Halloween! It's probably my second favorite after Christmas. No, it's definitely my second favorite.

I don't really get into the scary part of Halloween (or the scary part of anything...), but the costumes, and the trick-or-treating, and the endless watching of Hocus Pocus- I am IN.

This year Jillian kept going back and forth between wanting to dress up as Ariel or Cinderella. It changed every 5 minutes (just like all of her opinions on everything). Finally I had to go with one to start working on costumes. I went with Little Mermaid, so she wanted to be Cinderella. Naturally. Once she saw her costume though, she was happy!

 ^At her preschool Halloween party with her BFF Brynlee the scary witch!
I followed the tutorial here to make Jillian's Ariel costume. I couldn't find green tights ANYWHERE- seriously- I checked 8 stores- so I DYED them using Kool-Aid! I didn't even know that was a THING! But it's amazing. And cheap. And easy. And smells good. I used the guide here to get the color I wanted! I'll probably start doing this more often with..er...other stuff.

^The day before Halloween we took the kids to the farmer's market where they were doing trick-or-treating! It was a good practice run. 

And then finally ON Halloween the rest of us got all dressed up to join the fun. James was especially excited about his minimal costume attire (he doesn't share my enthusiasm for the holiday).

At first I was planning to go as Ursula, but the thought of sewing an Octopus costume after doing Jillian's mermaid tail made me want to not be Ursula. I'm not a huge fan of sewing. It's like the dishes, I'll do it if I absolutely HAVE to and no one else is willing to, and like, mold is starting to grow.

Jillian kept telling me that only kids could be Flounder, but I eventually won her over. Plus I found this really cool idea for Flounder make-up!

 (Mine didn't look quite as cool as the girl who did it on Pinterest, granted she had like 5 eye shadows and makeup brushes and I had 3 face-painting crayons. So not too shabby if you ask me).

 ^So technically Olivia is a lobster. It's a lobster costume. When I bought it, I was super excited about the addition of Sebastian to our little crew. Then I realized Sebastian is not a lobster, but a crab. 
That's almost the same, right? 
For our sake, yes. They're the same. 

Every time I look at this picture I instantly start singing Under the seeaaa, under the seeaaa!

Halloween night really couldn't have been more perfect. I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie. Or even better, Halloweentown! 
We went up to one of our good friend's neighborhoods and ate soup and let the kids do a couple of easy games. Then we loaded up the strollers and walked the neighborhood to beg for candy.

Last year, Jillian was completely terrified of the trick-or-treating process, so I was curious to see how this year was going to go...but she loved it! It made my heart so happy. We did have to work on taking only one candy instead of an entire handful, but she got used to it (until some people told her she could take two and she'd get confused all over again). 

The neighborhood we went to was quite possibly the best ever. Everyone gets into the Halloween spirit! We scored some full-size candy bars, hot chocolate, and caramel apples! They even do a hayride around the neighborhood and one house had a mini haunted house through the garage and another projected the movie Hocus Pocus onto a wall on their front porch.
It was seriously like Halloweentown. I need to live there.

And the weather couldn't have been more perfect! 

The only completely awful part was waking up the next morning to a porch-full of smashed pumpkins. Who DOES that?! Stupid teenagers. I was (am) so ticked about it! Two of them were clearly decorated by Jillian. Do people really feel good about destroying something proudly made and displayed by a 3 year-old? What losers...
Someone remind me next year to move my pumpkins inside the night of Halloween. 

And now we have a plastic pumpkin full of candy that needs to disappear, and preferably not into our mouths. 

Happy Halloween-ween!


  1. This is so cute! My daughter is going to be Arirl this and I made one of those tutu dresses for her. My mother is going to be Ursula, so I am going to be Flounder. What did you use for the stripes on your shirt?

    1. I just used half a yard of shiny blue fabric, cut it to the shape I wanted and used iron on adhesive to attach it to the shirt!

  2. Cool! Thanks so much. I can't wait.


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