How I know I'm getting closer to 30 and farther from 20

You know when you're a kid and each year on your birthday someone inevitably asks, "Do you feel any older?" And you say no because...no, you don't. 16 feels more awesome than 15, and 18 more than 17, but you don't feel older. Feeling older is for old people.

(By the way, it's not my birthday...this has just been on my mind)

But I'm starting to feel my answer changing. I'm totally feeling older. Not so much in like a hip replacement kind of way, but like a...minivan kind of way.

Disclaimer: I'm sure this is like, 95% influenced by the fact I have two kids. Once you have kids you start aging in dog years.

Here's what I mean-

1. You know when you're in college and staying out every night until like 2am is a thing? Younger friends...take heed: you have it all backwards. Sleep while you still can, NAP while you still can, because once you're all grown up and responsible with kids and a reasonable bedtime for yourself, your kids will remind you why you should have taken advantage of your single, childless years and SLEPT. And they especially like to do this between 2-6am. Now the only thing I'm good for past 9pm is a bowl of ice cream and Greys Anatomy on Hulu while sitting on my couch wearing stretchy pants and fuzzy socks.

2. As part of our monthly budget, James and I each have an allowance of sorts. These days I usually spend most of mine on house stuff- paint, rugs, picture frames, a throw pillow. My father-in-law gets me the same present for birthdays and holidays- a Home Depot gift card, and it. is. awesome.

3. I have no shame. I mean, can you really after being crotch up to the world giving birth two times and all kinds of strangers with a front row seat to your expanding lady parts?
The answer is no.

4.The older I get you'd think my filter between brain and mouth would improve, that I'd be able to hold my tongue in certain situations in all of my wisdom. Quite the opposite, actually. Is this happening to anyone else??

5. And lastly, the reason I definitely know I'm creeping up on 30 watching 20 in the rear view mirror- I'm feeling emotionally secure enough to drive a minivan. Well, want to drive one anyway. I have an SUV now and have always wanted an SUV. James knew this going in- I would never drive a minivan. Which is slightly ironic because my first car in high school was a minivan (which was horrifying until I realized I could drive anywhere with more friends than anyone else could). But you want to know what's NOT fun? Trying to squeeze a car seat into a tiny opened door space because of how close the idiot next to you parked, which is a regular occurrence. But the mom in the minivan a few cars down? In and out of those sliding doors with ease- all that LOADING room!! And did you know some models come with vacuum cleaners?! 

A minivan people.

I'm totally embracing it.

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