There is actually a real book with that title. Did you know that? I'm thinking of buying it. Because that phrase has been running through my head like 20 times a night lately. Because 4 MONTH SLEEP REGRESSION IS REAL PEOPLE. And SURPRISE- it doesn't always hit at 4 months! Babies are so predictably unpredictable.
This is one of those things you conveniently forget between baby #1 and baby #2. It's one of the main reasons why the creation of baby #2 got the green light- because you forget what it's like when the good sleeper suddenly stops sleeping. 

We've seen a lot of 12-5am, Olivia and I. I'm not sure what I run off of during the daylight hours- because it isn't sleep and it isn't caffeine (trying to limit that since I'm nursing- which may also be the death of me). 

I know the habits we're developing aren't good ones...nursing her back to sleep, letting her cuddle with me in my bed...blegh...but at least it helps her sleep, which helps me sleep. Anything to help the sleep. 

This is the time in parenthood I feel incredibly guilty, because I secretly wish this first year of their lives away- let's fast forward to the part when we all get a good night's sleep 5 out of 7 nights a week, yes? Then I hate that I think that because I know they won't be this tiny and helpless and cuddly ever again. It's a dilemma, friends. A vicious, sleepless, guilty cycle. 

Only made slightly better when she wakes up with this kind of wicked bed head:

But really.

Mommy loves you Livvy-loos!

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